mup sup.

mup sup yup?

yup. mup sup yup.


so, i’ve now made my first big comic cameo debut in eat the roses! yay! and i say stuff, too! lots of stuff! ^__^ (the first non-neobaka comic that had me in it was sunday morning coffee, but that was just a quick cameo, and i didn’t even say anything. ^^;;) megs also got the t-shirt designs done, so now people just need to vote on what color to make mel’s jacket… i can’t decide… @_@ i want them all!!! ^_______^

(to steal a line from kelly…) how does a glenn go? happy happy happy! ^_^

i also went and bought myself some cds tonight, too, on – this is what happense when you get a surprise paycheck in the mail, and you’re in the mood to listen to some new songs and legalize some of your mp3 collection (^^;;;;;; hey, the bit that napster says about people who use it buying more songs works in my case – this makes at least 6 cds i can think of off the top of my head that i’ve bought that i’ve previewed through napster! ^_^)… what’d i get? lemme show you… ^_^

“Strictly Commercial: The Best Of Frank Zappa” – i needed me some zappa, and this one cd had the most of the songs that i liked all on one album! ^_^

“Bargainville” / “Live Noise” – moxy fruvous is very similar-sounding to they might be giants, but they don’t seem to be as random as They are… (isn’t that fun? i just made a pun! ^_^) had to get two moxy fruvous cds, ‘cos one had “king of spain” and “spiderman” on it, and the other had “michigan militia” and “king of spain”, and i wanted all three of those songs… ^^;;

“Two Against Nature” – yay for steely dan! this has “janie runaway” on it, and i listened to another song on this cd, “gaslighting abbey”, which makes no sense as far as i can tell by the lyrics, but i really like the songs and remembered that they used to play it on the radio station that we used to listen to at work over the summer ^_^ i also noticed the other day that you can listen to it over the internet now, so guess what i do when i’m at my computer? ~_^

today was pretty fun too! went to pap-pap’s house in leisure world (always think that sounds like an amusement park ^^;;) for church and visiting. it’s his 75th birthday tomorrow too, so we celebrated that… mom and i told relatives about the adventure that i’m going on next weekend with megs, and kelly and two of my cousins were like “you are NOT going to any party! we need to call up that cable station E! and get you on their ‘fashion emergency’ show and take you shopping for clothes and get your hair styled first!” etc. etc.

ooh, that reminds me – i need to send an e-mail to my uncle ‘cos he’s going to get me insider positions or something like that where he works in a year or two, and he told me today that he’d be willing to foot the cost of IEEE journals as long as it stays under $100! whatta guy! ^_^ now, i need to learn more about the IEEE… ^^;;

playing this game… a game we call gaslighting abbey… it’s a luscious invention for three… summer by the sea…

glenn sleep now. a sample diagram:

glenn (sleeping) –> -_- o O ( yay for this coming weekend!! ^___^ )

g’night! ^_^