Yes, but… is it manga? I didn't think so!

Day 3:

Borusa: You have access to the greatest source of knowledge in the universe.

Doctor: Well, I do talk to myself sometimes.

On today’s random episode, we cover one of Glenn’s TV influences. Namely, the British TV show Dr. Who. If you’ve never heard of it, Dr. Who is a sci-fi show that ran for 25 years or so and had the innovative idea that when one actor who played The Doctor wanted to leave the show, all that had to be done was grab another actor to have the previous Doctor regenerate into. This show is most often known for its bad special effects. I think that the total special-effect budget was less than the $2 / week allowance I recieved as a little kid! So, naturally, the show’s monsters consisted of cardboard boxes covered in tinfoil, and secondhand tinfoil at that.

Now, for the random object to be viewed, I once found at an antique store several comic books from 1975, and two of them had a Dr. Who comic in them! Woo! Needless to say I had to buy these must-have items and now I have these comics scanned for your viewing pleasure!

Cover 1 | Comic 1 | Comic 2

Cover 2 | Comic 1 | Comic 2

Now, imagine plotlines just like those above, with less than $2 worth of special-effects added in, and you’ve got Dr. Who. Woo.

What threw me for a loop was the fact that in this comic book, they had cartoons disguised as ads. I read this and was like, “So? Where’s the joke? Make with The Funny! This thing makes no sense!” Now, I realize that this ad is the joke – frankly, I think that the kid in the second panel that is second from the right is a Tom Baker wannabe. And what’s with all the adult role models smoking pipes? This is a bad influence on those children! Plus, those children are certainly performing evil rituals in that shed, hence the skull and crossbones on the door! And the fact that these kids are all in a “gang” too! And people say that kids today are troublemakers! Sheesh!