YAY: woke up not just on time, but early ^^

YAY: ate breakfast, yum! (note: glenn usually sleeps through this meal ^^;;)

YAY: today had nice weather, if slightly cool

YAY: got an “a” on my map of japan ^__^

YAY: other world computing shipped my memory today

YAY: might make $10-15 on friday to fix a girl’s imac

YAY: one less day until megs-day ^_____^

YAY: megs had a better day today than yesterday ^_^

YAY: the guy at the front desk has good taste in music

YAY: was very witty last night and today ^_^

YAY: payday’s on friday!

YAY: got a hamburger fresh off the grill (one of the last ones, too!)

YAY: today was a very good day ^_^

megs, when you get a chance, check your mail – i sent you some new directions when i realized that the map that i made for you could be a bit cryptic, and left out how to find the bookstore once you got in the building ^^;;