woo, fun fun fun tonight -_-;;

Woo. Going to have tons and tons of stuff to do tonight, it seems:

I need to finish my research for my oral presentation tomorrow on the World War II double-agent known as “Garbo”

I need to study my Japanese and do some research on travelling through Japan for my group project and get some pictures from my book scanned in

I need to also type up a quick hardware-related paper for my computer class tomorrow too

Anyways… in other news I’m still recovering from the weekend. ^_^ I hope that Megs can send me some pictures that she took tonight – I wanna see! ^_^ And then I can go and put up a pictured page about what the weekend was like! ^__^ She also provided me earlier a link to the video of the cosplay from Katsucon, that has all of the skits from the cosplay too! ^___^ She’s also providing me with a place to stay next weekend with her and her family so we can see a a big honkin’ concert! ^______^ Isn’t Megs a good provider? ^_____________^

RARGH! I need to ship back my memory, but the Fed-Ex mailbox thingy hasn’t had any envelopes for me to use the past few days! >____< Grrr... Here's the song I’m listening to right now from The Brunching Shuttlecocks – it’s pretty funny, ne? ^_^