who knew that old music could be this cool?

man… i’ve been listening to an mp3 of steely dan’s “janie runaway” a lot recently – sounds really cool. i first heard it (but never any other steely dan song… odd…) over the radio station that we used to listen to at work over the summer. so, lately i’ve been meaning to broaden my musical horizons and get myself some mp3s to listen to. so, i look to see what else that steely dan did and there’s this song called “dirty work”. it’s not that bad; it grows on you, i suppose… at first i thought it was carly simon singing along and was like “yuk, i don’t really like carly simon!” but then i realized that it wasn’t carly simon so then i said “yay, it’s not carly simon”. so, maybe i’ll go and buy myself some cds in the near future and get me some cool cds. ^_^

hmm… lemme make myself a wish list so i can see what there is that i wanna get myself..

(in no particular order):

Apollo 440 (really want more of their stuff)

Blue Oyster Cult (t’would be cool to hear more of their stuff)

Cowboy Bebop soundtracks (if i can find them cheap ^^;;)

Frank Zappa (curse you megs getting me hooked on him too! ~_^)

Dynamite Hack (maybe… would help to have a cd of theirs for my next music vid idea ^_^)

Steely Dan (woo!)

Mephiskafeles (just for that bumblebee tuna song! ^^)

Electric Light Orchestra (only heard one of their songs, though…^_^;;)

Moxy Fruvous (YES! i am most definitely going to get some of their stuff… a pox on them for not putting “spiderman”, “king of spain”, and “michigan milita” on the same cd -_-;; they’re really similar to “They Might Be Giants”, too… ^^)

Power of Seven (if they come out with the Oni soundtrack on cd ^^)

Queen (good music and i’m using their stuff for my music vid in progress)

Soundtrack to “Run Lola Run” (neato techno songs)

Styx (i need me some “mr. roboto” and “renegade” ^_^)

Zaireeka by The Flaming Lips (if i can find it ^^;;)

They Might be Giants (there’s always room for They!)

Thomas Dolby (woo for “she blinded me with science”!)

Violinist of Hameln sountracks (yah, right, i’d need to sell my kidney or something to get the money ^_^;;)

anybody have any cds by these bands, or know of any other really good bands? i like almost anything music-wise. could you tell me what you think in a response to my journal? ^_^