when we last left our hero…

Day 2 of 7:

Welcome back to “Week ‘o Random Glenn History (with occasional pictures!)”! This is coming to you from station KRUD – “Don’t touch that dial, you’ve got Krud on it!”

When we last left our hero yesterday, he was demonstrating his thuggishness. So, time to continue on with the random experiences! ^_^

Today, we jump forward to Philadelphia in the summer of the year 2000. Two of my friends and myself were doing community service with Habitat for Humanity in the inner city. But, this wasn’t any ordinary community service! This was a once-in-a-lifetime occasion where we recieved community service for destroying things. Yep. You heard me right: destroying things. We were able to get community service by knocking down walls, smashing into things with hammers, and ripping things apart with crowbars. Can you say “FUN”? ^___^ This allowed us to do things that we could not do before, like take walls down with karate kicks and hack into plaster walls with crowbars… and remember to call out when large bits of plaster rolled down the steps that were right underneath where we were demolishing said wall. ^_^;;

So, what else did we do in Philly? Well, let me tell you! One friend thought it was a bright idea to shine laser-pointers around after dark. BAD IDEA. Hiding for a few minutes quickly remedied that situation.

We also bumped into another youth group which was there to do community service too, and one of our friends was with that group. Well, one night while we were riding through the mean streets of Philly after dark on our way back from running up and down the “Rocky steps” (you know, the ones that Rocky dude runs up in those “Rocky” films? and then he jumps up and down at the top while yelling “yo, adrianne!”? yeah, those steps…). At a red light, this wiseguy starts waving at a guy’s girlfriend in the car next to us. That boyfriend did NOT take to that AT ALL and so as soon as the light turns green starts racing his car alongside our big ‘ol van with 16 or so people in it. Thankfully, nothing serious occured, and humor was restored after we yelled at the wiseguy for waving at the girlfriend and told the priest driving the van that we could take on that guy in the pickup truck and “show him what Jesus is made of.”

Those “Rocky steps” are where today’s image comes from. Beats the heck out of me what this is, or where it comes from. I just found it on the floor of the van, and thought it to be so random that I decided to keep it and so I put it in my pocket. I think it had magical properties or something since after I found it these two girls came out of nowhere and started following me and the group around.

*shrug* Totally forgot about it until now, where I found it buried on my dresser. Note the title, however… (*points at the title*) “Week ‘o Random Glenn History (with occasional pictures!)”. See how it says “random”? That’s what this was. Random.

Tune in tomorrow for more randomness, as we gaze deep into the depths of Glenn’s inner-workings and realize that it’s really a little wind-up mechanism in there, and that accounts for him occasionally sounding like a musicbox. ^_^;;