mmm… rootbeer… and moxy fruvous… ^_^

was going to go over to fix this one girls’ computer right now, but she called to reschedule the fixing for monday. that’s cool by me, i’m not it a super fixing mood right now… especially ‘cos i’m on ol’ unreliable… 😛 *kicks computer*

i’d start singing along to these songs, but when i do then dan throws things at me… ouchums… x_x

so, instead… i’m sitting here. not much to do… everybody on my buddy list is away, and everybody on icq is either away or not available. not that i use icq much anyways. ^^;;

hmm… maybe i’ll go hop in #4tt and see what the antics for the day are… ^_^

woo! get to see meaghan tomorrow! ^_____^