this room is my castle of quiet

this song is exactly how i feel at the moment. i don’t really want to see anybody in real life right now. i don’t really want to go anywhere. i just want to sit here. that’s all. just sit. listen to music, work on my music video, talk to people on aim and on the #4toontellers channel. talking to people like that right now is ok. i just don’t want to see anybody. i turned down going laser-tag with will and gabe and dan tonight because of this. it’s no fault of theirs, i’m just really exhausted after this week. it’s just been a bad week, and earlier today i wasn’t feeling very great either (waking up at 9 for a 15 minute meeting with my english professor at 10 and having nothing else to do between then and the class at noon). the bad thing was this week began ok, and it went downhill from there: japanese test that i know i did badly on (but then again, so did most of the other people, by listening to their comments), irate customer yesterday (“why are you guys being so anal about me returning my printer?!?!?!” type of guy) giving me a hard time because he was “too lazy” (he even admitted it 😛 ) to call epson to get a refund for his printer which we couldn’t do anything about since he bought it two months ago, and today me not getting my paycheck at work and the ifsm department where i used to work and where my paychecks used to go (and where they go since they’re not coming over to my spot in the bookstore yet) was closed when i got off of work today, and me being almost all out of root beer. >_< the only good things that occurred today have to do with me finding a very very good deal online for a palm iiixe where i'll save $60 (we sold them in the bookstore for $200, and i'm going to be getting it from staples online for $180 and with rebates that goes down to $120 ^__^) and get free shipping (why i need my paycheck), and finding out that my paycheck was mailed to my house. so, tonight, i've got to go home and sit and rest and pick up my paycheck and rootbeer and i'll bring my computer and watch some violinist of hameln. and relax. i really need to relax and be cheered up...