this kind of life makes that violence unthinkable…

^______^ Yay for another good day!

– Got my cds today! ^_^

– Megs arrived at randy-mac all right – I’ll get to see her and her friends tomorrow ^_^

– Meaghan and Susan prank-called me, hehehehe… that was lots of fun getting to talk to them ^_^

– now, for the REALLY big happy thing that happened today…

YAY! I’m going to go see Megs in Atlanta in two weeks! ^_____^ And we get to go concerting! Yay! ^__^

^____________________________^ <- totoro grin YAY! Less than one day until I get to see everybody! ^_____^ 1 day 10 hours 30 minutes


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun ^_^

    My germany exchange student is coming here in 4 days! ^_^ I just got a e-mail from her. She soudns liek a lot of fun. ^_^ and guess what, she LOVES roller coasters! Six Flags is a must =D

    Hope ya have fun when you visit everyone. ^_^

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