they said they needed "go-getters", not "GOAT-getters!"

friday… the good things about friday is that 1. they’re just before the weekend, and 2. only one class on fridays, and it’s only a 50 minute class too!

so i went to english. got back my paper on observing my spy-class… got a C- on it (at least i’m consistent ^^;;)

so then i went to work… woo for work… and today’s payday! but no check for me at work ‘cos the system is all messed up and probably no check for me at the IFSM department ‘cos they’re tired of me always swinging by to see if i’ve got a paycheck, so it’s probably waiting for me at home in the mailbox. -_-;;

so, work went as crazy as it usually goes… put a new hard drive in the boss’ powerbook and now it’s super quiet. bad bit was it got busy for a really short time late in the day, and everybody was able to leave early but me… ;_; *sniff* but i suppose that’s ok considering i’m not going to work next thursday or next friday either, ‘cos i’m going to see megs! ^_____^

***rant mode on***

know what gets my goat? besides goat-getters? well, i’ll tell ya…

i’ve been told by certain people that i’m not artistic. i tell them that i play the oboe and that’s artistic, and they say that that doesn’t count since i’m not playing music that i’ve composed myself.

well, to me, frankly, that’s all bullshit.

when i play my oboe, i put a piece of myself into the song. just like when someone draws a picture or something, they put themselves into it through their use of their pen/pencil/etc. so what if i’m not artistic like that? i individualize the music i play myself. you would be surprised to see how we used to change pieces ourselves when i was in high school – we would modify many parts of songs in our interpretation of the composer’s work. well, isn’t that what people do when they draw something (especially a stilllife or a portrait)? they put onto paper their interpretation (whatver it is that they draw) of the composer’s work (that which they are using as inspiration for drawing).

besides, if performing music isn’t being artistic, then why is the place that i rented my oboe at called “music & arts”, even though they (surprise, surprise) don’t sell any art supplies there at all?!

anyways.. that had been bothering me lately… -_-;;

*** rant mode off ***