still recovering from the weekend ^____^


wow… word got out around my friends about my adventure this past weekend, so i get back from class to see messages on aim like “so, i hear you’re a pimp now, glenn”… seems that my visit to a womens’ college has made me a bit of a celebrity among my friends…

*shrug* who? me? a pimp? yah, right… ^^;;

anyways, i’ll put up a more detailed description of this weekend as soon as i can get my paws on some pictures to display… ^_^

now, off to go and fix this girl’s imac that’s being troublesome… and it’s too hot outside, too… -_-;; but at least when i’m all done i get to come back here and read megs’ manga! muhaha! and make my shrine in the room with her pictures that she drew (hehe, blind velociraptors with seeing-eye dogs, hehehe) ^___^