ring-ding-diddle-liddle-laddio… ring-da-diddle-aye-o…

*listens to “the scotsman” (megs click this link! you’ll like it! ~_^ )* this song is strong persuasion to wear a kilt, i must say! ^_^

i guess i really am a pimp, since megs says so. ^_^ i don’t know of any “little black book” that i apparently keep all my numbers in… and even if i did, it would be a very very small (microscopic!) and would only have one number in it ^^;;

so. today at work i participated in thuggery – a guy called up saying that his titanium powerbook with os x on it wouldn’t let him in ‘cos it was zapped by the x-ray machine at the airport too much and so he needed to use an os x cd (which i conviently happened to have with me today) to reset his password. i tell him “ok, just bring it by,” and after i hung up the phone my coworkers and myself began discussing it and realized that it seemed a bit shady and supposed that these guys were thugs who stole the powerbook from someone at the airport and needed a convienent cd to bypass the password to get in.

so the guy comes by and i ask if he has a faculty/staff id (so then we’d know who he really was), and he says no, but my brother does and it’s his machine. so he goes off to get his brother’s id. later i get a call saying “why do you need to see my id?!” etc, etc.

anyways. eventually the guy comes by with his brother, and it turned out that his brother was a guy that i worked with over in the IFSM department at school. so we fix his computer all up and get everything up and working, and even though it wasn’t really thuggery, it was fun enough to call it that. ^^

pimping and thuggery? sheesh, what am i turning into?! ~_^ next i’ll be using words, words like… like… “swell!”… and “so’s your old man!”… and making jokes from books like “cat billy’s whizbang”!

but i wasn’t able to find a copy of “cat billy’s whizbang” at the campus library… but i DID find three books for free! our library is having its annual spring booksale (which consists of a dozen racks or so of books that anybody can look through, pick out the ones they want, and walk off with them. absolutely free! ^_^) so, one of my friends who told me about this giveaway gave me a book (“macintosh programming secrets”, from 1987 or so, i’d say), and i picked out two books – “american falls”, a civil-war novel that caught my eye, and “washington – confidential”. i thought that this second book was going to be about george washington and his use of spies and such when i saw it, but even though it’s something completely different it was so odd i had to get it. what it is is a travel-guide type book of washington d.c. from 1951, but this is no ordinary travel guide. this book lists all the shady bits of the city, and has chapters like:

“Hobos With No Horizons (They can’t vote the bums in Washington’s flophouses, otherwise these skidrows are like your home-town bowery, except there are three.)”

“Booze and Bottles (Washingtonians imbibe three times as much as you. Where they get it, how and why, with pointers on what to do with your hollow leg.)”

“Who’s Who in Mobocracy (The Blue Book of the silk-lined aristocracy who own the works.)”

“How To Stay Out Of Jail (Hire the right lawyer and bondsman. This will name him.)”

With chapters like these, this book seemed so odd that I had to take it. And hey, it was free.

me: “Hey, Pete, you should go to that book-sale at the library…”

pete: “Yeah? Reading is my favorite pasttime…”

me: “Reading’s my second-favorite pastime.”

pete: “What’s your favorite pastime?”

me: “Not reading.” <- a joke, i love to read ^_^ pete: "I'm going to start up a campaign: 'got book?'" dan: "You two should be shot!" me: "I guess Dan doesn't 'got book'..." dan: "I also don't 'got bad joke', either!"