So, I back up my important data off of my 10 gig drive onto my 45 gig drive, and run Norton Utilities to fix any disk problems that seem to have suddenly materialized. Norton likes to crash while fixing things, apparently. >_< So, I decide to just format the drive. It still says that there are disk errors. Eventually I remember this copy of this disk utility called TechTool that I got from work for free, start it up, and it fixes everything, no problem! Yay for TechTool! I pity that Norton foo'! He's going to get tossed heluva far! *throws his Norton Utilities CD like a frisbee* See? Hehe, this describes exactly how my computer’s making me feel ^_^;;

Eventually get my system 9.1 back on, but os x still doesn’t want to install. Grr. Eh, I’ll just try an experiment I have in mind to get it installed tomorrow.

Hey, look! I FILLED my 45 gig drive! Only 12k available! ^_^;;;;;;;;; *goes on a mad deleting spree*

(also mentioned in my response to the previous entry):

Since I’ve now removed my partitions (leaving me with just the original two drives), I’m taking suggestions for hard drive names – I used to have the three partitions on one drive “Balthazar”, “Casper”, and “Melchior” after the Magi computers from Evangelion, with my other drive without any system on it being “Dummy Plug”. Now I want to name my two drives after something Hameln-related. Any ideas? ^_^

Speaking of VoH, my wallscroll I ordered is backordered. ;_; They say I’ll have to wait 2-3 weeks for them to ship it. But I want my wallscroll NOW! ;___:

Dan and I watched “Big O” tonight on Cartoon Network. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I’ve seen some episodes of the series in Japanese, but nothing can compare to how much fun it is to make fun of this. They took out some really (in my mind) important bits too… like instead of saying “cast in the name of God” it says “cast in the name of good”. Eh, I didn’t think that would survive the change to the US market. I just hope that they keep the opening theme intact. LOL! “Big O… Big O… Big O… Big OhhhhhhhhHHHHhhhhhh” *dramatic music* “Big O… Big O… Big O… Big OhhhhhhhhHHHHhhhhhh” *dramatic music* Heheheheh, that’s a great opening – one of my all-time favorites! ^__^