random crazyness ^__^

*wakes up, looks at his aim messages*

aww, isn’t that sweet… meaghan sang a very pretty song to me while i was sleeping! ^-^ 3 days until thursday! ^___^

sheesh, i think that the drug industry is out of whack… i mean, now they’re creating pills for conditions that haven’t been confirmed yet! this boggles my mind, but in a bad way… seems like a pretty stupid idea that was thought up to get money from people in a pretty sneaky way…


so, i’m sitting here listening to my queen songs… which reminds me… last night damonk saw my music video trailer, and he really really likes it (he did say that he really really really liked queen, so maybe that had something to do with it… ~_^). had a really good conversation with him about a few other things last night too… he’s a smart guy, that damonk.

also last night, i came up with funny ideas…

idea #1: involves the taking of a very funny picture. it needs a certain neobaka t-shirt that dan’s working on now, an anime convention, 2-4 neobaka creators, and several people to wear the t-shirt. the more people wearing the t-shirt, the funnier the picture will be, too. ^__^

idea #2: involves the manga “hanazakiri no kimitachi e”, and would be a silly doujinshi parody of it. (the background of “hanazakiri no kimitachi e” is a girl who sneakily enrolls herself in an all-guys school and makes everybody think that she’s a guy). now, if i could write a script for it, i’m sure some people would join in in drawing it ~_^


since i woke up too late to go to brunch (no pancakes?! nooooo! ;____; *sniff*), i’m going to go see what food i can rustle up in the dorm room here and then i’ll probably go do laundry… yeah… woo… fun fun fun… ^^;;

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