ph33r my l33t computer-crashing sk1lls!

(yeah, so i’m not much of a l33t-sp33k guy. so sue me. :P)

whee! i got my computer back (finally!) from the shop this morning, bring it to the dorm and fire it up…


they replaced my busted video card with a new one that has a fan on it! >_< the cards are the same, except this new one has a fan on it, while my old one had a heatsink. other than that, there's no change (except for the addition of a very very loud WHIIRRRRRRRR), and the cards are both swappable with each other sez apple. hmmm... *unplugs fan from card* much better! ^_^ so i tried to install os x on here. start up, fingers crossed.... *computer thinks*... yay! it worked! now... which drive to install on... phooey, i forget which one i was planning to install it on! >_< *reboot into os 9.1* ok... this drive... now to install! *start up from the os x cd...* so far, so good... *FREEZE* $#%@*$#$&$#@!!!!! so i tried several more times, and now it crashes the os x installer when i start up... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... my computer is a certified lemon >_<