…out the windows on the right you can see a very long journal entry,and on the left you can see…

going through my recommendations – they show you things that they think you’ll like based on what you purchase, and you can select the things that you own and say how much you like it to narrow down the list… sometimes i don’t think it works properly, for example:

– i was recommended the movie “the excorcist”, because i ordered a frank zappa cd… o_o odd…

– i was recommended this because i have the cd “apollo 18” by they might be giants

– i was recommended this because i bought “bargainville” by moxy fruvous

what’s up with that?! o_o

otherwise, it’s bang on target – i say i already own princess mononoke and that i really like it a lot, and it fills up my dvd recommendations with anime. and so i say to it that i already own the first two cowboy bebop dvds, and it puts the rest of the series at the top of my list. ^______^ bebop, bebop! ^___^

and tonight, i hear a commercial for this on the radio, and so i tell megs about it, and so she tells me about this, which totally beats the pants off of anything around here. *looks at the band listing* @_@ too many! ~_^ she told me too that if i were to come down to atlanta for that, i could stay with her and her family. t’would be cool – and i found airplane tickets online for a grand total of $217.75. I’ve got just about that much in my bank account, and payday’s coming up soon, and i’m owed about $300 by the feds too… the trip would be from baltimore to atlanta leaving from here on thursday night (may 3rd), arrive in atlanta later on thursday night, and leave from atlanta early monday morning (may 7th), and arrive here later on monday morning… after working for a couple weekends in the bookstore by myself, i should be able to get half of thursday night and all of friday off… also, the only class i’d miss would be english (which is the shortest and most frequent of all my classes), and i should be able to turn in anything due that may be due in that class on the wednesday before. hmm… i may seriously consider this now… they’ll have several bands / musicians there that i really like, and it’d mean a chance to see megs again ^^ *looks at the page for midtown music again* wow… this one has more diverse and more bands total than the little shindig in annapolis, AND it costs less (but a lot more if i happen to fly there to go… shuddup – it’s all part of the experience! -_-;;)! and goes for an extra day! see, it’s true that the good stuff happens in atlanta! ^^;;

if you haven’t noticed my plugging it so much by now, i’d suggest that you go and listen to some wrnr radio online – they’ve got good stuff! why else do i listen to it over the internet? ^_^ besides, tonight dan saw a van with two bumper-stickers on it: one was for wrnr, and the other said “fat people are harder to kidnap”. so there, wrnr is preferred by people who have a sense of humor, which i’m sure you have. ^_^

and speaking of humor, when megs and i were talking about that midtown music thingy that’s going to be in atlanta, i complained that there’s nothing fun like that up here in the baltimore/washington area. so she says that all colleges need to move their campuses to atlanta ‘cos it’s so cool and fun etc. down there. so then i thought of the umbc campus flying around like that stadium-thingy did at the end of the anime “akira”, and thought that would be very funny. so then, i reproduce the conversation here for your viewing pleasure:

<we bring you now in the middle of a conversation about midtown music>

megs: *nod nod* it’s gonnabe awesome! ^___^

me: gee whiz, nothing like this happens up here! ~_^

me: all the cool stuff goes on in atlanta! ~_^

me: hehehehe

megs: see! everyone needs to just move their college to atlanta!

me: hehehehe *checks to see if his credits transfer, and if they don’t, then hopes the campus will start flying around like in “akira”* ~_^

me: lol, that would give a new meaning to the term “higher learning” ~_^

<announcer: thank you>