oh happy day!



woo! got a ton of pictures scanned (no page to describe each one yet, but you can see them all here) that we found last night at home. ^_^

finished making plans with megs for next weekend ^__^ can’t wait to see her and go visit her friends! ^_^ looks like the plan’s going to go:

1. megs visits me in bookstore, sometime saturday afternoon

2. we head off to lynchburg when i get off work

3. partay saturday night

4. see play on sunday

5. family (who came to see the play too) takes me back home

^_^ it’s going to be a fun weekend – yay! ^__^

today was a pretty day too, even though i didn’t go outside. but it was still very nice to look outside and see everything look so nice. ^_^

checked the mail today, and woo! umbc sent me another paycheck! don’t know why i got it here today, ‘cos it’s about a week away from the next payday… but i’m not going to complain. ~_^

megs also says that she’s photoshopping the new t-shirt design. i can’t wait for it to be complete ^_^

just finished watching robot-wars on tv (the british version of battlebots), and cheered for every robot that was tossed in “the pit”. that’s lots of fun when they go in the pit – explosions and sparks and smoke come pouring out! ^__^

now dr. who’s on tv. ^__^ this is the last episode (“survival”), and it’s silly ‘cos there are these cats that transform into these big leopard-type human-ish guys riding around on horses. and it’s very silly to see this cat growl whenever it’s about to transform, hehehe ^___^

and tomorrow is easter! that means lots of things go on, like visiting families and eating candy! yum! ^____^

ok, time for me to stop being totoro and go and iron my pants and shirt for tomorrow… ^_^;;

hm. that reminds me of a song from mst3k… ^_^

pants! (doodley-doo…) pants! (doodley-doo…) sing the praises of pants!

they suck in my gut; they always cover up my butt

pants! (doodley-doo…) pants! (doodley-doo…) sing the praises of pants!

they show my taste of what i wear below my waist!

pants! (doodley-doo…) pants! (doodley-doo…) sing the praises of pants!

they’ll show that you’re a guy as long as you zip up your fly! (zzip!)

pants! (doodley-doo…) pants! (doodley-doo…) sing the praises of pants!


ok. really. i’m going to go iron my pants (doodley-doo) and my shirt (megs’ll boo at me for wearing that article of clothing ^^;;) for tomorrow. ^_^