now back to king krupa, syncopated style!

i got my map of japan that i made for my japanese class today – got an “a”! yay for an “a”! hooray! ^___^

(probably my only “a” in the class, though… -_-;;)

anyways… bad news is we just finished a chapter… so, guess what that means? yep. test next week. arg…

but until then i can be happy and look at my pretty map (so colorful! ^_^), and be impatient until this weekend! ^________^

and i just realized… since megs has my phone number, i know who to blame if i suddenly start recieving prank calls or funny messages on my voicemail… ~_ ^


  1. If you don’t mind my asking-

    What level are you in, and what is this chapter on?

    Sorry to be nosy, but I’m coming to a close on my second semester Japanese course, but it’s a night course and I don’t know if I’m getting as much as a day course would. I’m sure I’ll pass the placement test when I apply to schools, but it would be nice if I could pass it _and_ have a clue about what’s going on in class ^^

    • we’re using this book by Eleanor Harz Jorden and Mari Noda. i’m in japanese 102 (first year, second semester), and the chapter that we just finished (chapter 7) was on giving directions… if i remember correctly, that’s what chapter 8 is on too… as for the course, not many people like the book (it got two * out of ***** ratings on, and it doesn’t help that the class isn’t well-taught either ^^;;

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