Music & more manga 'matations!

We now return you to another inexplicable episode of Random Glenn History (With Occasional Pictures!)!

Day 4:

Today, we cover another one of Glenn’s influences: MUSIC! Everybody likes music! Even deaf people like music (just look at what Beethoven did, and he was mostly deaf!)! So, today, we cover some of Glenn’s musical influences.

Ahh, John Philip Sousa marches.. I own this CD too, but it’s disappeared somewhere in my house… phooey…

“Zaireeka”, by The Flaming Lips

“This is CD #1… #2… #3… and #4…” it begins when the play button is hit…

Now THIS set is great! I don’t have the CD set myself, but instead I have the mp3s of it. What this really is is a set of 4 cds, where you need 4 cd players, 4 people, and 8 speakers. Octaphonic sound! ^_^ Apparently it’s really neat when you listen to it out of all 8 speakers and you’re sitting in the middle, because the songs are designed to have a little bit of each song on each cd, so you hear it warbling out of all the speakers around you. But, if you don’t have all the equipment to listen to it, most of the songs tracks are all on the first cd of the set. Even the cover of the cd case has a warning… from what I can figure out and what I know of this cd set, it says: “WARNING: This is a unique recording. These eight compilations are to be played using as many as four compact disc players and have synchronized start times. This recording also contains frequencies not normally heard on commercial recordings and on rare occasion has caused the listener to become disoriented.” That’s right, you read that correctly: you can trip out on this music. ^_^

They Might Be Giants

Where would we be without They? We might never know that the Sun really is a mass of incandescent gas, or that Triangle Man hates Particle Man!

That’s just a sampling of my music influences. My MP3 list contains songs by those groups, as well as:

Aphex Twin

Apollo Four Forty


P.D.Q. Bach

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Bill Cosby

Blue Oyster Cult



Booker T & The MGs

Bubblegum Crisis 2040

John Cage


Chance, John Barnes

Aaron Copland

Cowboy Bebop

Dance Dance Revolution

DeMatha Catholic High School band program

Denki Groove


Dr. Bombay

Dynamite Hack

Eddie Murphy

Fatboy Slim

FLCL Soundtrack

Frank Zappa


George Gershwin

Percy Grainger

Hand Maid May

Harry Revel

Miscellaneous J-Pop Music

Kareshi Kano no Janojyo Soundtrack


Macross Plus Soundtrack

Man On The Moon Soundtrack

Moxy Fruvous


Nakaido Chabo Reichi (Soundtrack to Lain)

Nausicaa Soundtrack

Pi Soundtrack

Power of Seven



Riders In The Sky

Run Lola Run Soundtrack

Shiroh Sagisu (Evangelion Soundtrack)


The Blues Brothers

The Chemical Brothers

The Fine Print

The Flaming Lips

The King’s Singers

The Shaggs

The Violinist of Hameln Soundtrack

They Might Be Giants

Thomas Dolby

Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie

Tom Lehrer

Tom Smith

Weird Al Yankovic

Vaughn Williams


… and that’s not even all the bands! ^_^ As you can see, I have very varied musical tastes!

Now, onto another one of Glenn’s favorite things: Tintin! ^_^

For those of you who haven’t heard of Tintin (that guy to the left) or Hergé, here’s a brief rundown: Tintin is the reporter/hero in a series of graphic novels that were written/drawn by a man named Georges Rémi, who came up with the name “Hergé” by inverting his initials (thus G.R. became R.G.) So. This Tintin and his dog Snowy goes around the world solving mysteries and putting bad guys away, and goes from being just a regular reporter to a world-famous reporter. Go check out the official page about Tintin; it’s got all you could want to know about Tintin there, and it’s just been redesigned today! Very cool! ^_^

*smiles* I have all the Tintin books too! That was a big advantage of having a mom who used to work in a bookstore. ^___^