maybe this'll become a yearly event…

Hello, and welcome to the first annual commercial-free “Week ‘o Random Glenn History (with occasional pictures!)”, brought to you by random objects that I found around my house recently and decided to scan, as well as the letter R and the number 5.

Day 1 of 7:

First object in Random Glenn History is a note that I found from when I was just a wee little kid, from my mother. Did your mother ever write you a little note for you to read when you woke up before you turned on your cartoons and had to go to preschool? I bet she did. While this note isn’t scanned (heh, if I did scan it in, I could imagine the heinous things people could do with such an artifact from my past… -_-;;), 14 years and several scribbles added to the note later I can tell you what it said:

“Hello Glenn! Did you sleep good? Before you turn on the television, can you do something to surprise Mommy? If you go and get dressed before Mommy wakes up she will be so surprized! O.K.? Ready… set… go!”

*inspects himself*

Thankfully, I’ve learned how to dress myself since then, and here’s the proof! Here’s me with clothes on with sister Kelly at our cousin’s wedding reception in late December, and here’s me looking thuggish from a month or two before that (well, what can I say? i was looking at another camera when the picture was taken and they were nowhere near ready to take the picture so i wasn’t all smiley ^_^;;).

So! Tune in tomorrow for part 2 of 7 of Week ‘o Random Glenn History (with occasional pictures!)! Same bat-time… same bat-channel… etc… etc…