all you keenspacers, have you ever looked at your keenspace logs? i mean really looked at them? more specifcally, the search strings people have used to find your page? this is the most random one i have EVER seen:

#1 search string for neobaka: “ninjas wearing plaid”

… ;_; nobody’s taken a look at my trailer yet… will you look at it (8.3 mb mpeg) and tell me what you think so far? please? with pocky on top? *sniff* ;_;


  1. trailer

    Hey, I like it ^_^ It looks kinda sad, but I like it ^_^ What song is it? I haven’t watched EVA yet, but I want to so bad, for almost 2 years. Dumb bro won’t ask his friend if I can borrow his tapes. >_< Anyway, it is really good (so far?) ^_^

    • Re: trailer

      thanks! glad you like it! ^_^ i’m really proud of the… umm… 50% that’s done so far and can’t wait until it’s finished ^__^

  2. HEY! I saw your trailer!

    yea, I took a look at your trailer ..maybe yesturday? or whenever you put up the link..and I thought it was very good! yep yep yep

  3. Kakkoi desu! ^.^

    Checked out the trailer. ^_^ Very nice. I liked it a lot. The direction is pretty good. If you keep it with the same stamina and great work, I’d love to see it when it’s done. Keep us posted about it! ^^

  4. for some reason, i’ve got “listing of all coke factories” for mine.. O.o; I don’t think i’ve even mentioned coke, let alone coke factories in ANY of the updates i’ve written..

    screwy thing, that yahoo..

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