IT CAME! IT CAME! IT CAME! YAY! ^________________________^

Isn’t it nice? ^_^

…and it fits perfectly with my Cowboy Bebop wallscroll and my Otakon poster! (and Ryo-oki, back in the corner there ^_^)

Yeah, I know that these don’t have anything to do with the Hameln wallscroll that came today (YAY! ^^), but I thought that I’d show off the stuff I have on top of my monitor… from the left is Vash from “Trigun”, then there’s a Volkswagon Bus that I got from the National Building Museum (dunno why they had toy Volkswagon Buses in the National Building Museum, but I just had to buy it since on the top it says “IS THE GOOD VEHICLE”, a great engrish artifact! ^_^ Methinks they translated “cool car” from english to japanese/chinese and back again ^_^;;). In front of the bus is a figure of Asuka from “Evangelion”, and to her right is her Eva 02, chilling on my monitor. ^_^ I’m also really proud of my “Bachelor Pad” nameplate that I’ve stuck on my monitor too! ^_^

And yay for my digital camcorder too! ^_^ I realized that I could save frames from that and use them online to take pictures of this stuff!