i'm pretty bored today, if you can't tell… ^^;;

woo…. i’ve been posting a lot in my journal today, so here’s another post! ^_^;;

dinner was funny… pete, dan, and i all fooled around in the dining hall. i also noticed that for some strange reason my nose hurts, like it’s been whacked with something… funny thing, i haven’t been whacked on the nose with anything… -_-;;

egads! it’s the flying trafficcone of doom!

well, no really… more like a trafficcone thrown during the protests in quebec a few weeks ago… but i think it’s so silly how it’s the only bright thing in the picture, and it’s a trafficcone in the air and what makes it being in the air so funny is that you can’t see anybody throwing it!

umm… what else…

played some driver earlier… fun game… i’ve got this playlist of mp3s all of driving music that i listen to when i play it… i’d have to say that the music of apollo 440 suits the game perfectly. so i’ve got in my playlist songs by apollo 440, the blues brothers, the “run lola run” soundtrack, the chemical brothers, and (of course) cowboy bebop ^___^