great, now i’m having dreams based on #4toontellers! @_@


ok, so me, dan, will, stu, and gabe all go to this anime convention in canada. i don’t remember anybody saying it was canada, i just know it was in canada, ok? this seemed especially strange to me since it didn’t take us long to get there anyways, and the building was right next to the d.c. metro subway. (maybe it was at the canadian embassy or something? that’s canadian territory and would explain the washington d.c. surroundings! or maybe i knew it was in canada because the flyers that i didn’t see advertising the convention said “anime convention… IN CANADA!” or something. *shrug* who knows?)

anyway, so i was giving a running commentary to what we were doing at certain points during the convention ‘cos i had my lemon of a computer with me, so occasionally i’d be telling the people in #4toontellers about what was going on in the convention.

at one part for some inexplicable reason, dan and i were in this house that part of the convention was in. this house had really narrow corridors, and steep stairs too, kinda like gabe’s house. so, we’re sitting in line to go up these stairs to see the exhibit at the top when this big fat black man in front of us mentions that there was stuff up there by “the girl who draws ‘eat the roses’, but she insults herself in some of her work!” eventually his turn comes to go up the stairs but he won’t fit so he goes away and dan and i go to see what he was talking about. the exhibit looked like someone’s bedroom (probably ‘cos it had a bed in the middle of the room – i’m very observant ~_^) and dan and i began to scour the room to see what he was talking about. finally we found it underneath the bed – it was a really nice picture of a white house with a garden, and in the garden there were several thick brick supports/columns but they had nothing on top of them, and the picture was colored using mostly reds and greens (well, a white house (no coloring) with brick supports (red) in a garden (green), duh), and it had nice hand-lettered text at the top right and bottom left of the picture. i don’t remember what it said at the top right (“blah blah blah blah eat the roses blah blah blah blah blah.” – something to that effect, with other words in the “blah” bits), but at the bottom-left it said “eat the roses is a very pretty manga-comic, but some artist is going to get her ass whupped if she doesn’t stop coloring in greens and reds!”

we went to find a pencil and a piece of paper to write that bit down to tell megs about, and so i did an “i’ve got a pencil and paper” dance in the chat.

and then i woke up.