i HATE rain >_

can’t stand rain. except for big summer storms, because when they’re not big summer storms, they seem to ruin the rest of my day… here’s what’s happend to me today:

1. was rained on a LOT on the way to english. when puddles start to form on your jacket, then that’s a lot of rain.

2. decided that it was raining way too much for someone who couldn’t find his umbrella (me) and went back to the dorm to get some really important work done

3. didn’t get my hameln wallscroll today. poo.

4. went to my spy-class to get my midterm since the rain mostly stopped to get my midterm back – apparently i didn’t do anywhere near as good as i thought. grr…. what really bugs me is that i thought i really knew the material, and the stuff i didn’t remember i remembered after the exam ended. >_<;; 5. found out from a friend of mine who me and a few guys were going to room with in an apartment on campus next semster that he's on the waiting list for housing on campus, so right now he's either going to be in an off-campus apartment or stay at home. 6. hasn't happened yet, but i KNOW there's going to be a 6th bad thing. -_-;;