I don't silently weep if you turn off the music in "Tetris", do I? ^_^;;

Today really seems to be the day for sneaky stuff – in addition to it being April Fool’s day (heh heh heh), I’ve engaged in or seen several sneaky things today… like THIS. And I engaged in other sneaky cahooter-type things with some sneaky people, heh heh heh. And recently I’ve been reading this book about these secret agencies during WWII busting people out of POW camps. And today Kelly and I took Anne to see this movie called “Spy Kids” (the movie actually wasn’t that bad, but i hate how now these consarn movie theatres have all these ads now before the movie! and a stupid opening animation advertising the theatre too! argh! i hate that! >_<). And I read a mini-spy (well, detective) story and some info about a certain cahooter at Eat The Roses. I doubt it, but I certainly hope that that cahooter bit wasn’t an April Fool’s joke! ^_^;;

And, to be extra sneaky, this entry has been typed using correct capitalization and punctuation! MUHAHAHAH! Well, at least better capitalization and punctuation than usual ^_^;;