Hey, Mr. Wonderful, oh, you're so incredible…

This plug-in is quite nice for listening to mp3s, I’ve discovered. makes mp3s sound a LOT more like actual CDs! ^_^

Yay for “Mr. Wonderful”! Only problem about this song right now…

“Mr. Wonderful” mp3 -> Raya’s music video -> Violinist of Hameln -> my VoH episodes -> DivX. And my DivX player says it’s expired and that I can’t watch any DivX movies until they come out with a new version “any day now.” -_- I’ll show it, though! *sets the date on the computer back a month* There! Take that! ^_^

Hmmm… I think I’ve got some names for my hard drives now, but I think I’ll wait until I’ve seen more of Violinist of Hameln before naming them. That and I want to get OS X on here so I can use that nifty 128×128 icon feature! ^_^

Now… what else happened today… lemme see…

– gas line burst at school at one of the construction sites, so campus = stinky for a bit today

– that guy who paid cash for his computer wanted to cancel his order to get his money back ‘cos he needs money right now, but he decided to keep his order when he found out that it would take several weeks to get his refund check. something interesting – this guy is right upstairs from me. i’m in room 177 and he’s in 277. at least now i know who’s banging on the floor from time to time, hehe

– speaking of raya’s music video, anybody know if / when she’ll be putting up the video of the cosplay online? i wanna see! ^__^

– now that my computer’s back and working, i ought to borrow the tapes of the music videos from a friend of a friend of mine and digitize them, to replace the ones from last year that i bootlegged from the back of the room with my camcorder and no tripod at otakon and redubbed the song over so you couldn’t hear the audience.

– i’ve restarted work on my anime music video – it’s the song “bohemian rhapsody” by queen to footage from “evangelion”… here’s a short trailer (about 30 seconds long, 8.3 mb) – i’d appreciate it if people would tell me what they think of this work in progress if they can ^_^ i can’t wait to get this one finished, ‘cos i’ve got tons of ideas for music videos up my sleeves! (o_o ideas aren’t supposed to be up sleeves, they’re supposed to be in your head! ^_^;;)

– now that i’ve learned more about soul poker, i wanna play that too! i’ve got a neato deck of cards that’s been used in a casino, so since they can only use a deck of cards once in a casino the corners have been clipped to show that it’s been used. nifty, ne? ^_^