happy happy happy was the chicken bone…

changed my mind on doing laundry today… everytime i got ready to go, i’d be messaged again ^^;; also, i found out that it’s $1.50 total to wash and dry a load here (i always did my laundry at home, but because of the crazyness this past weekend i wasn’t able to), and i’ve got enough quarters for… 1 load. so, tomorrow, go into campus, put $10 on my id card, and swipe that through ^^

susan told me earlier that meaghan forgot her present at randy-mac… even though i’m going to see meaghan this thursday, susan is coming home this friday and so she won’t be able to get it to me in time to get it to meaghan… so, looks like we’ll have to devise a plan to get us all together again sometime! ^_^