as keanu said, "woah…"

my mind is boggled right now…

i just got back from visiting with my family last night and seeing my cousin at his junior high honor band performance, and i saw some guys from my old high school… so i ask them about their spring performance, when it’s going to be, etc. etc….

apparently in addition to their spring performance, they’re also playing at the kennedy center

the kennedy center?! woah…


man… that just boggles my mind… how’d my old high school band get to go be the closing act at a performance at the kennedy center? that’s insanely cool… ^_^

*is boggled* @_@

the bad thing is i can’t go – i get out of work a half hour before the performance (and that’s just enough time to get across campus for dinner! ^^;;;;; )

ah, well, i’ll go to their spring concert! ^_^