i didn’t know that damonk had a livejournal…

*adds damonk to his list of friends*

*looks at damonk’s friends graph*

damonk, i bet that with a graph like that you think that the whole world revolves around you, eh? ~_^

*adds a whole bunch of people to his friends list*

*tries to look at his own friends graph now*

EGADS! I BROKE THE INTERNET! ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


  1. i have FRIENDS!?


    You know, glenn, the funny thing is that i never knew about this “friends graph” thing until i found your link to mine in your message just now! ^_^

    aeire told me last night how to add friends to my list thing, so i should try to get that done in the next little while or so… although i still like how my friends list says “Damonk has NO friends” *hee!!* It makes me feel so special ^_~

    and i wish that the world revolved around me — i would never have to pay for tuition again, and i could start up my own webcomics server and invite all you guys in so we could take over the world with our combined cybermirth!


    heck, i’d settle for a nice cheese sandwuch right now…

    • Re: i have FRIENDS!?

      Funny, it hurt my feelings when it told me I didn’t have any friends… ~_^

      Mmmmm…. cheese sammiches…. :P~~~~~~~~~~~~ < - drool


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