woo! one week to go! ^__^

and now i’ve got megs’ digits! ^__^

yay! ^_________________^

in many aspects of my life recently i’ve been having a stroke of luck so mad that it’s moved beyond mad – it’s a disgruntled stroke of luck… or perhaps even a furious stroke of luck… ^_^

what i want to know is why me? and why right now? is whatever diviine being up there feeling sorry for me and so they decided to toss me a bone? *shrug* not like i’m going to read too much into this anyways… social-life improvement is always welcome with me at any time, considering my past social experiences… ^_^;;

i’m still getting messages asking how my being a pimp is coming along, or how meaghan is, etc, etc. ^___^ word spreads fast around my friends, it seems… not that i mind the attention ^^;;

lessee… what else… my toenails are still painted (don’t ask ^^;; ), we’re going to have percussion for our band concert next wednesday night (yay!), i gave my presentation on “garbo” today (woo!), and neobaka reached its 100,000th hit (hooray!)! ^__^

it also seems that nick yu and myself are drawing the ire of some peoples on #4tt:

* elvengrrl huggles Dennis

Dennis_The_Stampede: bout damn time. B)

elvengrrl: what do you mean, “bout damn time”?

Dennis_The_Stampede: …just that I haven’t been “huggled” all evening

glenn[neobaka]: poor dennis

elvengrrl: ah

* Quasispace huggles Dennis_The_Stampede

Quasispace: happy?

* elvengrrl huggles Dennis again for good measure

Dennis_The_Stampede: Since Grrl did it, yes. Bp

elvengrrl: hehe

Dennis_The_Stampede: Glen – It’s causa you and Nick I’m huggle depreived!

Quasispace: lol

Al-Azif_email: meh?

glenn[neobaka]: ^^;;

Dennis_The_Stampede: all the fems just flock to you two.

* elvengrrl laughs

Dennis_The_Stampede: Bp

Al-Azif_email: if you say so

glenn[neobaka]: i’ve just been having a mad stroke of luck recently ^^;;

fishbulb42_eating_ramen: they do.

so, were my friends right in saying that i’m a pimp? *shrug* who knows… i was once told by one of my friends that i’m so nice that i probably lead a secret double-life as a black pimp named “chino”… o_o;; anyways, you make the call… i’m going back to my work… ^_^;;