woo, slow day at work today… lemme see what happened today…

– defragged my hard drive last night… a 45 gig drive takes A LOOOONNNNNGGGG TTTTIIIIIIIMMMMEEEEEEEE to defrag, and even so, i had to split it up into 3 sessions, and the 3rd one lasted from about 2 am – 8 am… ^^;;

– didn’t sleep at all, and i actually feel pretty good (no worse than normal, at least ^^;;)… reason? had to work on japanese homework, and even so, i only got just over half of it done (a pox on my book and its 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, 2a, 2b… problems!)

– got my cds in the mail today ^__^ they sound really great! upon close inspection of the cover of the zappa cd i got, methinks frank zappa looks quite like dan’s brother… dan thinks that he couldn’t look like his brother, ‘cos zappa looks too happy… my sister thinks that zappa looks like weird al… and since she thinks that dan’s brother looks like weird al, i guess that means that i’m correct! ^_^

– so, now i’m at work now… sitting here… looking busy. the bookstore always gets very very very slow this late in the day, so i chat with susan for a bit ^_^ she says that megs hasn’t arrived yet (;_; hope she’s ok!), but she thinks that as soon as she does she’ll message me on aim *^_____^*

1 day 19 hours 52 minutes!