2 more days! ^_^

my ifsm professor made a funny today… he was talking about different methods of systems integration, and one was just basically tossing out the old computers and putting in the new ones over a weekend while “everyone’s out at tgi friday’s at happy-hour, the information systems guy comes in friday night, rolls up his sleeves, and puts together all these computers and sets them up and chugs his jolt cola and eats his yo-ho’s and his hoo-hoo’s and whatever else, and he won’t make a mistake at all ‘cos he’s got his ifsm degree!”

got my memory upgrade today… third chip / second replacement and it STILL won’t work… i’m demanding a refund and i’ll probably buy a new one someplace else. 😛 otherwise, their service has been really good so far, and they gave me their fed ex account number so i can ship the replacements back at no charge to myself, and the replacements arrive back here on the next business day…

went to english. it was an englishy-sort of class… did englishy things… nothing much else… *shrug*

went to spy-class… learned about this guy with the last name pollard who went and literally took home truckloads of documents, and now he’s doing life in jail and the professor told us this funny story that a friend of his who was at the guy’s sentencing told him… basically this pollard guy “gave the bird to the judge by telling the judge that he had no jurisdiction over him because now he’s an israel citizen and that he did no wrong by giving these documents to israel since they’re our allies.” and the judge got very irate and threw the book at him and said “oh, yeah? i’ll show you that i do have jurisdiction over you! you’re going to jail for life! so there!”

bought myself a camera in the school bookstore… ^_^ after meaghan’s story last night i don’t know whether or not to bring my camcorder… ~_^

now, off to do some japanese… hopefully i’ll be able to do the rpg tonight ^_^;;