“There is a problem with the disk Macintosh HD. Some information may have been lost. Check any recently-used files for data loss and run a disk-repair utility on your hard drive.”


… stupid computer. grrr… the only good thing about this g4 at the moment is that the handles make it easy to carry to and from the shop. 😛


  1. (i love java jive. my favorite is the manhattan transfer version ^^)

    ahh!!! *hugs* poor glenn… the computer gods do not look upon thee with favor…

    i think that computer problems always happen to the people who actually know something about computers. not because we’re meaner to them, but because computers like being a complete mystery that will simply cost us money… >_> *pets computer* be good, be good..

    • I love coffee, I love tea…

      …I love the Java Jive but my computer hates me. ^_^;;

      ahh!!! *hugs* poor glenn… the computer gods do not look upon thee with favor…
      hmm… any suggestions as to a sacrifice i should make? ^_^;;

      Since I’ve now removed my partitions (leaving me with just the original two drives), I’m taking suggestions for hard drive names – I used to have the three partitions on one drive “Balthazar”, “Casper”, and “Melchior” after the MAGI computers from Evangelion, with my other drive without any system on it being “Dummy Plug”. Now I want to name my two drives after something Hameln-related. Any ideas? ^_^

      Java jive is great, isn’t it? ^_^ I remembered it when you were suggesting different Zappa songs to me this afternoon, so I went and downloaded a whole bunch of different versions! ^__^

    • Re: I love coffee, I love tea…

      Bass and Treble. No idea if hamlin has anything similar to that as i’ve only seen the first 3 heh.

      As to computers. They are evil pure and simple.
      They are always causing problems and lesser informed people just don’t notice it.

      The only resolution…. Percusive Maintenance.


    • Re: I love coffee, I love tea…

      hmm. just two? i have two and i use “mini quinn” for the 2-gig c drive and “mighty quinn” for the 38-gig d drive…

      hameln.. um, Flute and Lute! or Hamel-baka and Piano-boy! Homo ni chan and Genki Horn-sama! >.>;;

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