you know you're bored when…

man. i just realized i’ve been listening to that internet radio station “the yellow room” play the same 4 jazz songs for 3 straight hours. @_@ one of the songs kinda reminds me of the band “squirrel nut zippers”, another jazz band… hmm…

*grabs his squirrel nut zippers cd*

i totally forgot about this band until i listened to the same 4 songs for 3 hours tonight. (now that’s dedication!) i mean, i haven’t listened to this band for months! maybe even a year or so! wow…

that’s not quite as bad as dan’s realizing he hasn’t listened to “gravity kills” since middle school, hehe. ^_^;;

hmm… just got a survey thingy from gabe… scored a 42, which means i’m the meaning to life, the universe, and everything! ^_^ … now i can use some of the e-mail addresses in that to re-create my address book and finally send out the survey megs sent me. ^_^;;

hmmm… i wonder if squirrel nut zippers did any other cds… i’m in the mood to get more music… either cowboy bebop soundtrack, or maybe a hameln soundtrack, or maybe a cd by queen (bohemian rhapsody! bicycle race! yay!)… i don’t know… hmm… i still need to order my neobaka t-shirt and get megs’ new eat the roses t-shirt when the design for that’s done (yes, yes, i know, shirts are bad because they cover up my shiny chest ^_^;;)

with the D and the A and the M and the N and the A and the T and the I O N! lose your face, lose your name, then get ready for eternal flame!

i totally forgot how much fun squirrel nut zippers were! and i forgot how cool the song “hell” sounds! it’s really funny when you’re riding home from school with your friends in this big ol’ van going down the highway and the teacher driving the van is blasting the radio and this song comes on and everybody starts singing, lol. that song and one other one on the cd (“put a lid on it”) were the whole reason i bought the cd. and here i am, listening to it for the first time in a year or so. yay for squirrel nut zippers!