Why am I sitting here at 3 in the morning listening to polkas?!?!?!

I have to say that listening to internet radio online is one of the oddest things that I’ve ever done. So far tonight I’ve listened to jazz music listed as “electronica”, some odd international station, jazz that sounds a bit too similar to elevator music, techno music from Europe, some crazy international station that’s worse than AM radio quality-wise, a lady singing jazz music in German, Huey Louis and the News singing “The Power of Love” on an 80’s pop station, disco on a 70’s station, and this really odd station called 1-800-WEIRDOS that plays random odd songs and such. See what I mean from the intro to one of their songs/skits:

“What are you doing out there?!” “I’m just collecting the souls of the audience, Mom…” “Well, come back here and no more evil for the rest of the week!”

But, the best thing of all is the polka station! Yes! At 3 in the morning I can sit here and listen to polkas! That’s the coolest thing! Wow! Plus, this here polka they’re playing is kinda funny – some guy singing about it’s never easy being a married man or something, ‘cos the dog ate his Reeboks and his house always needs fixing and the kids drank all his beer.