"that's a strange expression, bruce" "well bruce, i heard the prime minister use it…"

“i bet you they won’t play this song on the radio… i bet you they won’t play this new <beep> song. it’s not that it’s <bzzzz> or <honk> controversial, just that the <ding>ing words are awfully strong…”

funny, first time i heard that song it was on the radio. ^_^

ever go and totally mangle a phrase? the oddest one that i’ve managed to come up with was when i said that something “was going to get mad props in my dictionary”, when what i meant to say was “get mad props in my book”. i guess my book at the time just happened to be a dictionary. <shrug> so, since then, i’ve decided that i should make my own dictionary full of mangled words and phrases that i or other people have made, and other miscellaneous words that give me amusement. so, without further ado:

the dictionary of mad props

by me


“load out” – like the phrase “look out”, but not for use in serious situatons (propage: mad)

“ehsy vf?” – used when you try to say “what cd?” but your hands are one key over to the right (propage: disgruntled)

“slepp” / “selpp” – how “sleep” is spelled when you’re very very sleepy (propage: t’d off)

“yo ho!” – popularized by the “batman” movie based off of the tv series, starring adam west and burt ward as batman and robin. made in 1966. used by the joker, penguin, and the riddler and their minions throughout the film (propage: extremely mad)

the end… for now

lol, “me” is a livejournal interest.