that's a LOT of money… O_O

so this guy comes into the computer department of the bookstore to order his powerbook g4 and external monitor, and i’m told he’ll be paying for it in cash. how much cash? a lot. tons. it was an extrordinary amount of money. wow.


have you ever seen someone try to count out $3,683.35 out of $3,800? and then watch the cashier count it out, and then go and give someone change for $3,690? have you ever had that much legal tender in front of you all at one time? wow. now that is something you don’t see everyday. O_O

whee! rp last night was fun! ^_^ whee whee whee! just to show how much fun it was i’ll say “whee” some more, like this: whee! i still haven’t done my test rp yet, but my computer’s still in the shop (they haven’t looked at it in the entire week it’s been in >_<;;) so i can't watch any hameln episodes. phooey. ;_; mom measured me last night "secretly"... i wonder what that's about...? o_o ooh! and i might go to awa! whee! mom said to me last night that she wished i could have been shipped down to atlanta for a day or two during the end of spring break to spend with megs since i didn’t have much fun getting my teef pulled. then i mentioned the convention, and she wondered when it was and how i’d get there, and i said that i’d probably fly there. she says that we might have frequent-flyer miles i can use to get down and back. i hope so! that’ll be fun! ^_^ …now i’ll have to think of another thing to cosplay as… ^_^;;