Music that sticks in your head and won't ever ever ever ever get out

Still at work. I don’t really mind working once I get there and have things to do, it’s just late in the day that I get a little bored all by myself here with nobody to talk to. Occasionally Heather from gifts / supplies comes over and we chat a bit, but other than that, the campus bookstore is NOT the place to spend a fun evening! 😛

I’d have to say that the radio station they play over the speakers while I’m at work is the most annoying station I’ve ever heard. Thank goodness for iTunes and its streaming internet radio! ^_^

What prompts me to write about songs that embed themselves into my head and refuse to leave? The Love Shack by The B-52’s >_< Not that I really mind the song, but two days ago when I heard it over the speakers it wouldn't leave my head for the rest of the day. So, I figure, "hey, I haven't heard that song in a long long long time here at the bookstore, so it must be a freak occurance and not happen again for a long long long time from now." Apparently, that "long long time" turned out to be two days - they played it this afternoon shortly after I got in, and now it's stuck in my head. Call an excorsist. At least when I think about it, I have my own version of a music video going through my head at the same time - when I hear "love shack", I immediately think of this old green garden shed with loud music and light pouring out of the cracks in the walls. A guy in a green vest, green bowler hat, and a cigar between his teeth slides the shutter to see who's at the entrance. Inside, however, the music is nothing like the song "Love Shack", but rather this radio station that I found with iTunes - it's some old-time jazz station (under "electronica"?!) that seems to play the same 5 songs over and over and over again. At least these songs don't get stuck in your head and refuse to leave!