Is this thing on…?

My lords, ladies and Gedderbong, velcome to my first blog! ^_^


nothing much really happened today… oh! except i got the memory i ordered yesterday (speedy-delivery!), except it was a bad chip. grrr… that would have brought me up to… carry the 3… 576 megs of ram. not too shabby! ^_^ i got my computer back from the shop too, works great now (except for the crashes every 3 minutes >_< - solution: turn off any extension with "ATI" in the title, and moan and groan to Apple tomorrow). now meg's forcing me to make this here journal (well, not really “forcing”, but that cute picture of hers is strong with the force (or pants, whichever you prefer), and i cannot resist… urg… musn’t look…! @_@