i'm so sick of they might be giants right now, lol

ever click the little bit under “user info” that says “(more details…)“? see that bit that says Comments: Posted: 17, Received: 14? my mentality always says to me that i should have more recieved more comments than posted them. i guess i just have a mentality that i shouldn’t post where i’m not needed. ^_^;; kinda that i shouldn’t talk unless spoken to, or something.

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been messing with the interests bit under “user info” – there are some categories for things that i wouldn’t have guessed there’d be more than one person putting in their interests; i thought that “match game”, “barq’s” root beer, “mr. t”, “neobaka”, and “root beer” would have nobody else listing them in their interests. currently, however, there’s only one thing that i’m the only one who has listed. care to guess? the answer’s at the bottom of my entry.

i’m surprised though that i was the first person to have “eat the roses” down in my interests. shame on you, megs! not being loyal to your own comic! ~_^ i’m not the only anymore, though. some girl added it to her interests and says she won’t tell her friends about it because then it’ll become really cool with her friends and she won’t be unique anymore, so she’ll tell them about it and not post the link.

you can really learn a lot about clicking on those little interest links – people LOVE anime, but not as much as computers, and they sure don’t think much of anime conventions and anime music videos. etc. They’ve got a list of the most popular interests here. Apparently everybody likes music, more people like girls than boys, 80’s music is more popular than “Rage Against The Machine”, and more people like red than they like green.

this reminds me of the Brunching Shuttlecocks’ features The World According to AltaVista and More of the World According to AltaVista. Take a look and see what I mean!

Anyway, it just seems to me that there’s a psychology lesson in there someplace.

if you guessed “katsucon”, you may have already won the million dollar prize! to redeem, send your answer on the back of a Titanium Powerbook to me. Contest rules and disclaimer: Do Not Fend, Mold, Bindle or Sputilate. Not for use in hot tubs. This product is meant for educational purposes only as students are trapped in classes and can’t escape. Any resemblance to real, artificial or simulated persons, living or dead, will be news to us. No living animals were harmed in the filming of this book. May arrive in pieces, some assembly required. Dead batteries included. Use only as directed, and we direct you not to use it. No warranty expressed or even gently squeezed. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment, which suggests a poor future for laptop-based digital maps. Postage will be paid by addressee, and will he ever be surprised. This is not an offer to sell securities, but we certainly hope that won’t stop you. Apply only to affected area, but if that looks strange to you, you can apply it to the effected area, too. May be too intense for some viewers, not intense enough for others. Do not stamp, but if you must, stamp gently in your bare feet. Beware of low flying aircraft, even if we can’t think of any practical thing to do if you happen to see some. Print or type, or have your mother fill it in. For recreational use only as we don’t want you to think we’re serious. Do not disturb us any further or they will let us out. All models swear they are over 18 years of age. If condition persists, consult your physician, he needs the work. No user serviceable parts inside; we throw it away and start over. Freshest if eaten before date on carton, which doubles as an appetizer. Subject to change without official notice, or even unofficial notice; we’re winging it. Times approximate after 23:59, Dec. 31, 1999. Simulated picture; your new TV should look almost as good. 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Return to sender, no forwarding order on file, unable to forward — keep it, we’re sick of it. Not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, though we do retain rights to any profits you might make. At participating locations only, if you can find them. Penalty for private use, which differs from general use. Follow all directions on the label, and yes, that means wake up at 2 a.m. and take another one. Substantial withdrawal for early penalty. Do not write below this line, and no coffee stains, either. Falling rock, the lesser Frank Lloyd Wright model home. Lost ticket pays maximum rate, which offers better odds than Lotto. Your canceled check is your receipt, fat lot of good it will do you. Place stamp here, not there. Avoid contact with skin: levitate. Sanitized for your protection using portable autoclaves. Be sure each item is properly endorsed by a major political party. 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