I'm not quite dead! I feel happy… I feel happy…. *oof* ^_^

Couldn’t eat anything since 5 in the morning, and even now all I can really have are soft mushy liquidy jello-ishy type things, ‘cos of me getting my wisdom teeth out. Whoo. And mom went and got me “Man On The Moon” and “True Lies” to watch while i recuperate. And they’re not for rent, either. They’re for me! Me! Mine! Hands off! ~_^ Yeah, I’ve seen them before, but they’re good movies to recuperate by. But now that I’ve watched “Man On The Moon” again, in the worlds of Tony Clifton I want some “french fries and a great big Porterhouse steak!” Steaks aren’t of the mushy liquidy jello-ishy type by default, so RAR! at him. Now I have to find me a great big Porterhouse steak and rustle up our blender. Yum. ~_^;;

So, I go to the oral surgeon guy person all nervous and everything, and they hook me up to this machine. No, not the most expensive machine in the building (the machine that goes “ping”)! They hook me up to this heart rate machine and put this thing over my index finger to take my pulse and a blood pressure cuff on and leave me. So I’m sitting there with this box going “beep… beep… beep… beep…” as it makes these squiggily lines up and down. I take a deep breath and glance at it and see the line jump off the screen, and think that there’s something wrong with me, but no, it just makes the squiggly line go up and down depending if you breathe in or out. Cool.

The oral surgeon guy comes in, cracks a joke about now the heart rate machine has really increased its rate, and pop the IV into my arm. “Alright, time for happy-hour. Here come the margaritas. Would you like them shaken, not stirred just like James Bond does?” Uh, sure… “… ok, these should be taking effect any minute now…” As a matter of fact, i can already feel something warm and tingly going through my… *out go the lights*

Next thing I know, I’m sitting up, and they’re saying “alright, time for us to get your mom to take you home.” Wha? *blink, blink* Uh, alright… *put on my sweater* *walk out to the car and get in* Uh, when’d my sweater get on?!

So, I go home, take a nap, snoogie with Gizmo the cat, and remark “wow! the novicaine is still taking effect! i don’t feel any pain! wow!” Needless to say that now I’m hurting. >_< The funny thing about all this is that one of my friends who had remarked to me about how he needed to get his wisdom teeth out sometime soon got his out today too. How's that for a coincidence?