i want my computer back! ;_________;

phooey. my computer is still in the shop. i’ll have to give them a call tomorrow and see when it’ll be all fixed. i want my computer. it’s lonely all by itself in the shop. ;_; why do i want my computer? because my copy of os x finally came on monday! yay! but, seeing as i’ve waited a few years for it to be developed and for it to ship, i suppose a few days won’t kill me. -_-;; at least i got to install it on dan’s computer! ^_^ and the computers at work! ^__^ stupid apple not shipping us our demonstration copies. 😛 but i did get a free os x t-shirt! ^__^ yay! free clothes! reminds me of when i used to work in the athletic department of the naval academy fixing their computers, and i was paid in t-shirts and lunches, hehe.

whoo, tonight i started (and finished) a paper for my computer class tomorrow. we have to do two papers for my computer class where with one we talk about a hardware article and with the other we talk about a software article. the criteria for the paper makes me think that writing this paper will do me more harm in the end than good. basically all we have to do is take an article from a computer magazine and summarize it. that’s it. see, here’s the criteria:

This semester you will be required to write 2 reports. Each report is to be 3-6 pages in length (including a title page), and should be written on each of the following topics; Hardware issues or evaluations, Software issues or evaluations. The information for the reports should come from current issues of common computer periodicals or journals, magazines, news articles dealing with computers. Your 1st report should come from Jan./Feb. issues, the 2nd report from March-May. issues. You may do HW or SW first. Source material should be cited as a footnote within the report and you must include a copy of the full text of the reviewed or cited source. You must include some aspect of WordArt and or graphics on your title page. You also need to have each page numbered and vary text styles within the report body by using different type sizes as well as bold, underlined and italicized characters. I am not interested in an exhaustive scientific research project, I am interested in seeing what you feel is important and exciting about computers. Opinion is welcome. The report will be created by using Word to process and print your paper and then showing me your disk containing the report. You may also be asked to present your paper to the whole class.

doesn’t that sound like fun? whoo. *twirls his pinky finger in the air* i did find a funny article to use, though. it was comparing os x to a car. very funny, lots of satire, hehe. ^_^

whoo! tomorrow i get to go home for the night! that means… i’ll have a computer to do the wednesday-night hameln thingy on! yay! ^___^

sleepy-time for glenn now. *zzzzzzzzzz………*