I smell a CONSPIRACY! ^_^

mr. wizard says:

hey kids! here’s an experiement for you to do!

1. go to your journal section where you can edit your interests, you know, the bit that says “anime, anime conventions, anime music videos, anime soundtracks, apollo 440, books, cats, classical music, computers, cowboy bebop, discworld, …” etc? Go there.

2. select all that text, and hit cut. you’ll want to save it for later. but make sure that all that text is removed from the textbox. even spaces.

3. hit submit

4. go back to where you edit your entry, and type in “the hunt for red october”, just like that, but no quotes. hit submit

5. go take a look at your user info – it won’t show up! weird, huh?

6. go back and paste your user info back in before your computer crashes. don’t blame me if it does. ^_^;;

i smell a conspiracy… ~_^