I did it myyyyyyyyyy waayyyyyyyyyy….

Got started on my Japanese solo project – a map of Japan. Kinda fun so far, and it hasn’t been terribly difficult either. Dad and I bought a map (to do the project), and a travel guide to Japan (which’ll help with my group project – gotta plan a trip to Japan). The travel guide’s fun to read through, and you learn all sorts of interesting facts (like don’t bring Sudafed to Japan, ‘cos it contains traces of such-and-such drug and that’s illegal in Japan).

At church this morning Fr. Heyburn told us an eerie story – he’s going blind b/c of of diabeties, and the day after he really started not being able to see well, this blind lady that he’s never seen and hasn’t seen since came to mass and told him that “everything was going to be ok” and left. O_o He says that he thinks he met God. Whether or not that was God, I couldn’t say, but if anything like that happened to me, I’d be SPOOKED. No kidding.

This song has certainly put me in a thinking mood tonight, read on:

Ugh. I feel odd. I mean, I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out in… just over 10 hours now. I can’t really describe how I feel about this. I mean, yeah, it’s great that my teeth that’ll just end up hurting me in the future are coming out, but, i mean, this event does not equal fun for a whole week. And the fact that I’m such a worrywart isn’t really helping the situation. >_< It's great that anestesiology [sp?] is so advanced that there's only 1 "incident" in 250,000, but there is always that one poor fella. Sucks for him, I suppose... >_< This means that there's just some things I want to get off my shiny 'ol chest: --time for me to grab a root beer and TELL what i'm thinking about-- --OR, "glenn experiences an out-of-body experience"-- --those short on time may just want to skip to the next rant, lol-- My sister was teasing me the other day on how I'm saying "Meg this" and "Meg that" and how I'm always chatting with "MEEAAAGGHHHAANNNNNNN!!!" ( <- her words). Anyway, this isn't about my sister, but my thoughts regarding her statements, and i realized and ashamed to admint that she's right. Have I really turned into such an obsessed person? True, I did seem to have noticed an increase in my sappiness recently; listening to some emotional songs in the cowboy bebop soundtrack and in my mp3 list have me reacting in ways that I've never reacted before, in a way I can't really describe. (Frankly, it seems as if my mom and sisters are much more eager to meet meaghan than i am to see her again, the way they ask questions about her so.) One part of me says "Well, so what? I've managed to find somebody who shares the same interests (how rare is it to find someone who's an irish oboe-playing doctor-who-watching cowboy-bebop-loving libertarian with the same sense of humor?!), and so talking with that person is so much fun that I enjoy talking to others about that person." Another part of me says, "Well, that may be, but have you even listened to yourself lately?! You're mind's on one train of thought now! Surely you're beginning to bore people with aspects of your personal life!" As I think back now, I did seem to be as diverse as a broken record player in the compliments I gave, and I have seemed to carry on a lot recently, too. ^_^;; So, I say to myself, "Self, sure I may be acting rather foolish, but certainly there are mitigating circumstances! Remember, you've been in an all-guys highschool for four years of your life, and never ever had anybody to really call a girlfriend. Why, finally for the first time in your life, there's someone there of the opposite sex who you enjoy talking to, and (here's the important part) she (seems to, at least) enjoys talking with you too! Obviously, being in such a position, you enjoy paying compliments to her.” My self seemed to agree. Calling someone cute every now and then and complimenting them on their wittiness didn’t seem to be the capital crime that it appeared to be earlier in the day.

“Therefore, why should you stop acting like you are? To do so would to quit being true to yourself, and that’s not a very good idea. Not being true to yourself means unhappy Glenn which means unhappy people close to Glenn. Get the picture?” I concluded.

My self then brought up a good point. “Why don’t you ever act this way to the girls you meet on campus? Or around town? Or at work?” Hmmm… good question. “I suppose that it just isn’t like me to act this way in real life. I don’t consider myself that good looking, or that good of a conversationist, and therefore I can’t see any real reason why they’d be interested in me at all. Besides, from what I’ve heard / read from Meaghan, she’s unattached at the moment and it makes me sorta sad to hear that. I suppose that that’s the reason why I try to cheer her up,” I shrugged as I answered. “I’m pleased to just do what little I can to help her out.”

Which leads me to my conclusion to my blog. I usually don’t try to be obnoxious (and it’s VERY not like me to make such a long tirade like this ^_^;;) and I’m very good at taking advice. So, if anybody who knows me in meatspace (aka Real Life) thinks that I’m carrying on a bit too much, you just need to say the word and I’ll try to remember to exempt you from the random mutterings of a fool (me) . ^_^;; And people who I meet online, same goes for you too. If you catch me starting to go off on random tangents about my personal life, or start complimenting you, and you don’t wish to hear, just say “look, maybe I shouldn’t hear this,” and I’ll stop.

Wow. That was long. But, I really do feel better seeing it all down in writing (er, bits of electrons) like that. Sorry for the inconvenience, all. just had to get that out. ^_^;; Any complaints should be directed to “The Knudsen Brothers”, regarding their version of the song “My Way” – that’s what got me started in this thinking mood all of a sudden… ~_^