hameln schtuff for meeeeeee!! ^_______^

i finally ordered this really cool hameln wallscroll from animenation! yay! and what’s funny is i saw the same one one e-bay and it was starting at a more expensive price than this one was. lol, i haven’t know about violinist of hameln for just over a month and a half, and i’m already buying merchandise from it! *is addicted* ^_^;; but i keep telling myself that it’s a good addiction… *rationalizes* yeah, that’s it… a good addiction… just like all that animeing and computering and talking with megs-ing… ^_^

ooh! speaking of animeing… tonight’s the 24 hour anime marathon at umbc’s anime society! if i were to go now it would only be a… um… 19 hour marathon for me. tsk, tsk… just what sort of otaku am i? a bad one, apparently ^_^;; but i’m not that bad of an otaku – i’m still ordering anime things! ^___^ yay! now to find that site that had cheap hameln manga… or maybe get some cowboy bebop cds… or maybe some cowboy bebop dvds…

i can quit anytime i want. nyah, nyah! ~_^

now, time for the glenn mailbag

*checks e-mail and begins parody of cbs mailbag from letterman*

letters… we get letters… we get stacks and stacks of letters… LETTERS!!!

let’s see… spam… spam… spam… whoo! message from ian kim… and emiko’s genesis still hasn’t been updated. poo. what else… spam… dealmac stuff… more spam… hameln mailing list stuff… message from… eep, i’ve still got that survey from megs! ^_^;; don’t worry, megs… i’m going to send it back! i just want my computer back before i do so i can use my address book on my computer to send it to my friends ^_^;; gomen!