fallout from the funk-bomb

if someone were to start tossing chairs, my life would turn into a jerry springer episode. >_< *** cue jerry-springer episode minus thrown chairs *** turns out i was semi-right to be paranoid - apparently my parents and kelly invited dan over one night a few weeks ago for a homemade dinner and a movie. and they didn't ask me. >_< i thought something was a bit odd how people were acting that night, and when i asked dan where he was going he said that he was going home to take care of a few things for a few hours. mom was the only one in my family who went online that night. later dan arrived back at the dorm and when i asked him how was his night, he basically said "fine". anyway, the next day i asked kelly where she was because i wanted to show her this funny webpage i found. she said "mom was on the computer all night", which was true. i let the situation drop, thinking that i was just being overly suspicious. i had totally forgotten about that night until tonight, when while kelly and dan were out at a play at kelly's school (i sure like to be informed of these developments just before they really happen) me, mom and dad were chatting after dinner and mom was telling dad how i got mad at the way people in this house keep me informed of what's going on, and dad mentioned something about dan being over here to watch the movie "shanghai noon". O_O apparently kelly invited him over for dinner and to see the movie (did they ask me if i've ever seen the movie or if i wanted to come? no. that would be too logical of them to do to ask their son if he wanted to come home for a night 😛 ), and dad asked dan when he got here if he told me, and he said no, he didn't, 'cos he didn't know how i'd react. dad said "well, it's easy - you say 'i'm going over to your house for dinner and to see a movie. want to come along?' " i'm really glad they like to keep me informed about these things. >_< now i realize that i did have a reason to be suspicious about everybody's actions that night. anyway, dad then suggested that he, me, and stu (if i want him to come along too) should go to this civil war interactive battleground thingy (i forget where ^_^;;) for a few days, either camping or stay in a hotel or something. mom thought he'd be crazy to spend two days or so with me and stu, considering the way stu and i act together, so my dad said "well, it's easy to get along with them, all you need to do is go 'my heart collapses' *thumps his chest and leans backwards like he had a heart-attack*" (that’s a joke from this stop-action “giant robot” video some guy made with toy gundams that stu and i like quoting) and he bursts out laughing. mom thought he was crazy. and then, after dinner he ran out to blockbuster to go and get shanghai noon for me to see. i’ll watch it tomorrow. seeing meg’s response to yesterday’s entry makes me feel a bit better about this issue, that she’s gone through this exact same thing too. ^^

*** end jerry springer episode minus thrown chairs ***

hehe, jerry springer is fun to parody. i don’t watch it, but it’s pretty easy to pick up on the theme of the show, hehe. kelly, stu and i once made our own version called the “sari jinger show”, with stu as “sari jinger” me and kelly as fighting siblings who ended up trying to beat up “sari jinger” at the end of the show. anne had to play security guard and take away my croquet mallet that i improvised a gun out of, and she started to threaten me with the mallet. we also did the “conny jarson show” (a parody of the old “tonight show with johnny carson”), with kelly as “conny jarson”, me with the killer cat who goes out of control during taping, and stu videotaped while anne held up the “we’re having technical disturbances, so we can see and you can’t ha ha!” sign. other parodies we’ve done include an infomercial for a “fountain of youth” spray, the adventures of “bames jond” (james bond ripoff), the “not-so-great escape” (“the great escape” ripoff), and (our latest, now in digital format!) “the adventures of dr. what” (a “doctor who”-meets-“james bond”-and-they-team-up-with-“rocky”-and-the-“a-team”-and-the-camera-crew-of-the-tv-show-“cops” sort of movie, if that’s any help, hehe)

yay! my mouth is almost all healed! i can now start eating semi-crunchy things (yesterday i had to have stuff like soup and mushed-up chicken)! ^_^

found dave’s journal today – whee! another person to add to my list of friends! ^_^ now i have… um… four? yeah. four.

i want my computer back! ;_; os x comes out… um… today… but i won’t get my copy until sunday (‘cos i thought that it was going to be shipped on saturday [the release date], and not delivered on saturday -_-;; ), and even if i get it, all i’ll be able to do is look at the box until i get my computer back from the shop. i want my tokyo-3 rig back! (my drives are partitioned to give me “casper”, “balthazar”, and “melchior” as my drive names).

but, since i probably won’t get my computer back unless it’s by some gigantic miracle, then i probably won’t be able to rp at the giant sunday-nite hameln rp as raiel. oh, well. that really doesn’t bother me, ‘cos i haven’t done my test-rp yet and without my computer i can’t watch my hameln eps to see raiel and study his character anyways. besides, i still need megs to train me! ^^

megs listens to tmbg too? i keep finding more and more things i have in common with her… damn, i hope my application to be a knight (or, in pythonese, “k-nigghit”) in shining armor goes through, hehe. she cheers me up just talking to her, so if i didn’t defend her, and something were to happen, i’d lose my source of cheer-up-ness! can’t let that happen!