dreams are odd.

last night i dreamt about how the world was going to be bombarded with rocks from space, so everybody hid in these giant cement buildings with interiors that looked like my basement. when nothing happened, we went outside, and for some reason we got in this big ‘ol plane and took off of a sidewalk next to a city street. i was sitting next to cliff from work. for some reason i fell out of the plane, and so i commandeered a fighter jet that was in the street and took off to follow the big ‘ol jet. for some reason i fell out of that jet too, and so i decided to fly around this city by sitting on top of and inflating a big potato-chip bag. O_o

just read megs’ journal – what do you know, i’m still in my pajamas too! ^_^;;

still no response from macservices about my computer yet. ;_; hope i get it in time to go back to school. ^_^;;