arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! >_

i almost made the PERFECT joke at dinner. me and dan, sitting there, eating. me being my usual wild and crazy self, holds up a hand with four fingers. “4?” dan says, “4 what?” and stupid me just says “i dunno… just 4.”

THEN it hits me…

I WOULD HAVE BEEN IMMENSELY HILARIOUS AND THE LIFE OF THE PARTY ETCETERA ETCETERA IF I HADN’T BEEN STUPID AND SAID “i dunno… just 4.” BUT INSTEAD SAY “4 GREAT JUSTICE!!!!!” ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! >_< that would have been perfect, lol. at least i can keep that in mind for future jokes. but i can’t do it to just anybody now. only people who don’t read my livejournal. ah, well. ^_^;;

hmm, this is interesting – i thought i read through all of megs’ livejournal, but apparently i didn’t. looks like you can only read through someone’s entire journal if you’ve been added to their list of friends because of livejournal upgrades and stuff. hmmm…

lol, i’m already starting to think of places that megs would probabaly like to see when she comes to visit annapolis when otakon (i always almost spell it “oatkon”, and remember it’s not a convention for those quakers and their oats ^_^;;) takes place in august. hmmm… maybe i should start a list, lol. ^_^