Besides the fact that my mouf and my teef have been hurting me for almost all day, today’s been pretty good so far. ^_^

Lemme see…. Mom’s suggesting that I get myself a Palm organizer. Parents, suggesting that I buy myself electronic gadgets?! I must be dreaming! ^______^

Took my computer back into the shop this morning. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it back tomorrow, or Friday at the latest. Glenn – computer = unhappy Glenn. ;_; I did talk to Paul at the shop about working there over the summer. I really need to find myself a summer job. ^_^;;

Watched “True Lies” when I got back home. That’s the movie with “Ahnold” Schwartznegger as a spy who makes people think that he’s just an ordinary computer salesman. If only the real computing salesperson experience was that exciting! ^_^;;

Saw a funny word in the newspaper. Twice. Both times, it was the word “thievery.” I didn’t even know it was a real word, but the dictionary here says that it’s real. Huh.

Remembered to renew my library book on ASP online today, so it wouldn’t become overdue like last time – yay for remembery! ^_^

Watched Cowboy Bebop DVDs 4 & 5… well, maybe “watched” is too strong a word… probably “got to see the first episode on both of those dvds because the rest of the dvd wouldn’t play properly in the stupid software dvd player on the computer so no mushroom samba episode for me boo hoo” would be better. ;_;

Did a little RP’ing with megs and two of her hameln buddies *smiles and waves* ^_^ I had to leave early because even though I hijacked the family’s iMac to chat with them, the family hijacked it back. ;_; Ooh! Ooh! Guess who’s probably going to be the next Raiel in the Sunday RP group? *^_^* NO! not your kid sister’s best friend’s weird uncle’s drinking buddy! Me! I’m gonna RP Raiel! 😛 I kinda wish I could be Oboe, even though he’s not as major of a character, but I’ll just have to do my Oboe-ing on Wednesday RPing.

Whee! Tomorrow I get to go to Jillian’s (a big ‘ol arcade that isn’t “teenagery” <- megs' word, you say it when you turn 20, apparently, hehe) and get to use up the balance on my video-game-playing-credit-card-thingy... maybe I'll see if I can take a quick look in at the Jillian's in Annapolis here to see if they've got any DDR machines... not that I'd play it... -_-;;